Oliver is a black cat, adopted October 13, 2015. He is months old. He's adventurous, really smart, and admired Runtling and Tigger. He loves going outside, getting into trouble, and all humans.
IMG 20151013 152849  One of the first pictures of young Oliver. Fun fact: He's almost 2 months old here. IMG 20151013 153016  The little paw! IMG 20151013 153717  Emma's face is probably scaring Oliver. He looks away, into the distance. "Help!" IMG 20151013 154451  First day: part ??? IMG 20151014 160748  "I don't particularily like these blue things- jeans you call them? However, I'll have to make do."
IMG 20151014 163758  Books: Part 1. Bonus question: what book is Oliver reading? IMG 20151015 152827  The Chronicles of Blankets. IMG 20151017 073529  "Look what I just did! I climbed my scratching post for the first time." IMG 20151017 081052  Books: Part 2. A mischievous, kittenish look on his face. We know he isn't going to read them. IMG 20151017 090229  "What just happened? Don't ask me. I am but a simple cat, and I don't know anything anymore."
IMG 20151017 090331  Awkward selfie with Emma in the background. You can see the confusion in both of their eyes. IMG 20151017 091208  "Blankets- my life, my home, my past, my future... my destiny." IMG 20151025 085340  Wobbly pillow steps. IMG 20151025 085436  "I have infiltrated where I'm not supposed to be. It's time... to sleep." IMG 20151025 095927  Look into his eyes. You will be touched by the kitten-ness and become a kitten just like him. It's too much.
IMG 20151025 101322  One of his best pictures, Oliver will be forever satisfied about this. IMG 20151027 190539  He's licking his paw, but the only thing that matters is that it's really cute. IMG 20151030 065807  "This person doesn't even look like a cat. Why must she hold me like this? Please put me down, I'm a real cat." IMG 20151031 063639  "I am the king of the pillows. All hail." IMG 20151031 090528  "Please don't take a picture of me. I just woke up :/"
IMG 20151031 143817  "Hello pumpkin. Yes, we are friends now." IMG 20151102 194614  Just another cute picture. OliverEmma  One of the best pictures with Emma. You can see Oliver's (and Emma's) dad in the background. IMG 3578-1  Look at the face comparison and how tiny Oliver is!! Also, can you spot the photographer's reflection? OllieRuntling6  The best Runtling/Oliver picture.
IMG 3588-1  It doesn't matter what it tastes like, Oliver will always like Runtling and Tigger's food better than his own. IMG 3595-1  "Look! It's a window! I really want to go outside." IMG 3603  This picture could be clearer, and it makes Oliver's eyes look amber (pretty, but inaccurate), but it's still one of his best photos. IMG 3607  Oliver loves playing with his stuffed bunny. IMG 3622  "I found Emma's phone! Time for me to take pictures of you. The tables have been turned."
IMG 3624  It's kind of blurry, but the expression on his face is too great. IMG 3625  *casually chewing on his bunny's foot* IMG 20151120 152535  Anything is a bed for Oliver- including Emma and the area around her. IMG 20151120 152609  He's staring into your heart. IMG 20151120 155124  Yarn: Part 1.
IMG 20151120 155153  Yarn: Part 2. IMG 20151120 160032  A cat and a human. Both are very tired. IMG 20151122 100529  "I love Mom's light. What's she doing on her computer, though?" IMG 20151122 100545  "Look! The underside of Emma's chair. Another place to play!" IMG 20151122 100822  A view into the life of cats. Oliver (left) and Runtling (right)
IMG 20151122 100906  Tigger and Oliver meet. They don't have the best relationship, but they like each other deep down. IMG 20151122 115222  Oliver's fascination with lights continues. Fun fact: he knocked over this lamp once. IMG 20151123 152038  "You see this person? This Emma? All mine." IMG 20151123 173309  This is actually a perfect summary of Emma and Oliver's personalities. 2015-11-29-07-46-35-0743  Oliver is very surprised about something in this picture. Sadly, no one will ever know what about.
2015-11-29-07-46-55-0744  "Wake up, Human!" IMG 20151129 165822  A very clear, normal picture of Oliver. Quite rare, but rewarding. IMG 20151130 203113  So done with this human chatter. IMG 20151130 203131  Time to catch up on sleep, which Oliver doesn't get much of. IMG 20151201 170352  Oliver is so ready for winter break.
IMG 20151203 145810  Oliver sits on the windowsill sometimes to watch Emma and Mom come home from the bus stop. IMG 20151203 160813  Oliver is actually Santa. Sorry if that came as a shock to you. IMG 20151204 160221  His enemy and his best friend. The love of his life. This picture shows Oliver sleeping next to his stuffed bunny. IMG 20151204 164936  "Why did you wake me from my nap? Was it important?" IMG 20151207 162248  Emma and Oliver in a cozy blanket. Oliver looks very smug for some reason.
2015-12-02-18-27-43-0753  A spy camera shows Oliver sitting on a bean bag next to his bunny. What could he be thinking? IMG 4013  Oliver's favorite box! He loves anything new. IMG 4176  Happy new years from Oliver! He's posing for the camera. IMG 4186  He's a small blanket cat. IMG 4187  Without Oliver, the world is a terrible place.
IMG 20160108 163830  He is a Good Cat (tm) IMG 20160113 175010 IMG 20160115 063443  Oliver guards the heater. IMG 20160115 063444  He sees an intruder. Oliver is alert. IMG 20160115 063501  He sees something, but no one knows what.
IMG 20160115 063811  He likes to stretch out by the heater sometimes. IMG 20160118 092159  Oliver's favorite chair. IMG 20160129 180908  He sits on the perch of his cat tree. IMG 20160129 180917  He yawns, and the world yawns with him. IMG 20160131 141232  "Look how much I've grown!"
IMG 20160216 100451  Hallway relaxation 101 with Oliver. IMG 20160329 163003  Oliver and Emma, in the back yard. IMG 20160401 152811  A big cat is found sunbathing on the patio. Where did the kitten go? IMG 20160403 173110  Runtling and Oliver secretly love each other but will not tell anyone.