BFI-BDU Aug-Sep 2017

Aug 30 - Sep 3, I flew from Seattle (KBFI) to Boulder (KBDU) with my MTB for epic riding & hiking around Colorado with my old high school friend Stefan. In the past, Stefan and I did Bikerpelli and La Ruta. Best weekend ever, and a fantastic way to wrap up summer 2017.
Popped above the Seattle overcast Mt Rainier up close and personal Mt Adams The Yakima Valley
20170830 165806 DRO Idaho as far as the eye can see Cruising at 11,500', 115 kts TAS to clear mountains around Bear Lake Approaching Bear Lake
North half of Bear Lake - Idaho South half of Bear lake - Utah Well oxygenated at 11,500' Beautiful river flow contour over Wyoming
Pilot Butte, approaching Rock Springs Wyoming Passing Pilot Butte Rock Springs is in a valley between high plateaus Day 2, departing Rock Springs early in the morning
20170831 064729 DRO Cruising E at 9,500',115 kts TAS A few morning clouds and light rain approaching Colorado Heading S after rounding the MBW VOR
Flying S to Boulder, passing the Horsetooth Reservoir BFI to BDU flight track shows detours for weather and thunderstorms Mike and Stefan at the top of the trail View from the trail
A man, a bike, an adventure Another trail view Photo break on a long climb to 9,300' Why did the fox cross the road
Day 1 ride route Breakfast day 2 Embarking on another day of riding Another view from the trail
Mike's bike, a Fezzari from Utah, also got him through Bikerpelli Mike is tired, but still doing better than that car Amazing views from Colorado trails Lunch at a local cafe in Lyons
Day 2 ride route A man balances fire in downtown Boulder Day 3 - hike to Mt Alice The trail beckons
If he knew what was ahead he might not be smiling Early morning on the trail Two crazy guys on a hike The beauty is like Glacier Park
Hike follows this river Stefan Approaching Thunder Lake Thunder Lake is beautiful
Ranger cabin at Thunder Lake Thunder Lake part 1 Thunder Lake part 2 Thunder lake looking W
Took a wrong turn W of Thunder Lake, looking E Hiking up past Thunder Lake Getting to the snow at 11,000' Thunder Lake visible through the tree tops below
Approaching the Continental Divide Thunder Lake in the distance, lower right High enough, the terrain changes Lake of Many Winds, 11,500'
Now about 10 miles in Half way up the slope past Lake of Many Winds, taking a break 20170902 105047 DRO Stefan in the distance hiking up the ridge
Looking up to where we are going Looking down at Lake of Many Winds Lunch on the Continental Divide at 12,000' Feeling tired, but ready for more
Doing this hike with 17 year old sneakers View from 12,000' on the Continental Divide The air is getting thin up here Look carefully and you can see Stefan just above the center of the photo
Hiking up the ridge to Mt Alice peak Stefan waits for Mike at Mt Alice Peak Mt Alice peak, 13,300' Nearly on top of the world
360 panorama from the summit Can't get enough of these amazing views Thunder Lake way down there Hiking back down the Continental Divide
This reminds me of Glacier Park Big Boulders near Boulder Day 3 hike route Flying back, just entered Wyoming
Rounding the corner S of MBW VOR Now clear of the mountains, turning W through Wyoming This is what most of Wyoming looks like from 10,500' Flying over Rock Springs after refueling
There's Pilot Butte again, up ahead Bear Lake S - Utah Bear Lake N - Idaho Mountains around Bear Lake
Coming out of the mountains into the farmland of Idaho Cruising at 10,500', 115 kts TAS Vacuum pump died while in the smoke near Pendleton now flying partial panel Climbed to 12,500' to get over the smoke
Looking well oxegenated at 12,500' A major fire raging to the N over the Cascades Smoke at 12,500' with Rainier in the distance Another raging major fire just N of Mt Rainier
Past (W) of the smoke, the fire rages in the distance These fires are awesome - in a bad way Descending into Puget Sound area past Rainier BDU to BFI flight track