Wally Kitten

This is an Android app available at Google Play and the Amazon App Store in two versions:

Wally Kitten Free
Wally Kitten

It is an illustrated children's book my Mom wrote and published. The app is like an e-book, though written as an app because:

  • Provide full resolution zoomable publisher graphics on all devices
  • Provide high quality audio narration by the author
  • How to Use the App

    The app is simple and self-explanatory - works much like an e-book but doesn't need a reader.

  • Touch the R edge of the screen to page forward
  • Touch the L edge of the screen to page back
  • Pinch zoom anywhere on the page to zoom and pan
  • Use the back button to go back to the menu from reading the book
  • From the menu, use Settings to toggle audio narration
  • How the App was Made

    I took the publisher PDF files and used GIMP to create high resolution JPG pages for this app. My Mom read the book while sitting in my tuned audio room being recorded by my pro studio mics (a matched pair of Rode NT1-A). I separated the audio into pages using Audacity and converted the audio using high quality MP3 (LAME VBR v1). Then I wrote some Java code to wrap it all into a simple Android app.