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Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy an airplane, which is pretty much the same thing.

Airplanes have fascinated me since I was a kid and I finally earned my private pilot in 2008. I own a 1980 Cessna 172-N with the Penn Yan 180 HP STC, which essentially converts the “N” model to a “Q” model (with slightly better performance because the airframe is lighter). It seats 4, cruises at 120 knots while burning about 9 gals/hour, with a gross weight of 2550#, a payload of 1,070#, having 830# remaining when fully fueled (240# / 40 gals). I fly actively over 100 hours per year mostly around the western USA and Canada.

I got my first computer (a TRS-80 CoCo) when I was 11 or 12 years old and have been hooked ever since.

Here are a few Android apps I wrote:
Caterpillar Game
GForce (free)
GForce (full)
ABX Audio
Wally Kitten (free)
Wally Kitten
Writing them was a fun way to learn Android and pursue my interest in math and physics. I chose Android because it is easier to learn and use than iOS. It’s open source, based on Linux, apps written in Java, free to download and use and runs on any computer.

Here is a demo of a Wankel Rotary Engine. It is a simple animated Applet that I wrote. It probably won’t work in your browser, since the Java plugin has been deprecated for security reasons.

Here is another Java plugin that probably won’t work anymore: the classic old game of Artillery.

My new blog is here.

My old blog is here.

I enjoy good music and I’m an audiophile.

Bicycling is my favorite outdoor activity.

I like machines, especially ones with wheels.

Over the years I’ve owned and ridden different motorbikes on and off, covering a couple hundred thousand miles. I don’t currently own one, having recently sold my 1999 Honda Magna. When a nice day comes along I found I’d rather go biking or flying. But I still have a Motorcycling page.

Mysteries of power, torque and gearing are unraveled in this short technical essay.
If you notice any errors, omissions or just plain confusing or stupid stuff, let me know!

Scuba diving and free diving are other activities that I enjoy.

Here is my flute page.

Here is a template motion I use to successfully fight traffic tickets in California.

Gunsite and Firearms Academy of Seattle teach firearm safety, defense, law enforcement and combat skills, and are two of the best training facilities in the world. I am a graduate of both and occasionally take additional training. I am also a certified NRA range safety officer.