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Seattle Lime Bike: Test Ride

Seeing their bikes all over the place got me curious about Seattle’s bike services, Spin and Lime bike. I installed both apps on my phone and they both worked just fine, popping up a map showing where the bikes are. In both apps, the first ride is free. Neither app asked me for credit card info, though presumably they would later if I continued riding. They both have plenty of bikes downtown, though Lime seems to have more bikes in outer areas like Magnolia and Ballard.

Walking home from the Magnolia center district today, Lime said there was a bike nearby. I followed the map a couple of blocks and the bike was exactly where the app said it would be. I used the app to scan the QR code, a few seconds later it unlocked. The bike was mine!

I rode it a few blocks home. My impressions:

  • It’s a tank – weighs 49 lbs!
  • Has a basket in front, whose bottom is a solar cell.
  • The front wheel has a built-in generator that powers a front & rear light that are always on when the wheels spin.
  • It has fenders and a full chain guard.
  • It has an 8-speed Shimano Nexus internally geared hub. It works smoothly, though it was slightly out of adjustment due to a bit of cable stretch, skipping some gears (like 3rd). A couple of cable adjuster twists fixed that, then it shifted perfectly.
  • It’s geared low, which is a nice touch you really want around hilly Seattle, especially for this 49 lb. tank of a bike.
  • The brakes are Shimano drums.
  • The tires are not pneumatic and can’t flat. But they’re not rock-hard either. Seem to be foam-filled.
  • The seat is easily adjustable with a hand quick release. But it doesn’t go quite high enough for my average length legs (32″ inseam).

Overall, it’s a comfy bike to ride around town. At $1 per 30 mins it’s cheap too, with bulk monthly rates for unlimited rides.

Next, I want to try a Spin bike.

DDAC: Disney Data Analytics Conference

Just returned from DDAC, Disney’s data analytics conference in Orlando. Great speakers and content, as usual.



Disney puts us up at a nice place.






Colin Powell gave an inspiring keynote.







We had fun events each evening. One of them was a party with all kinds of activities. I went on a galactic mission with 2 of my colleagues, using some of the cool technology from Guardians of the Galaxy.





I met CaptainĀ  America and we readied ourselves to defend against enemies of freedom.







I met Baymax, who is irresistibly huggable.







On the last night we finally got time to visit one of the parks, only 2 hours before it closed.





That was still enough time to ride a roller coaster,






visit the Twilight Zone, and fend off an attack from the Empire.






Finally, it was time to return home. Nice view of Mt. Rainier on Sat morning.